Since I don’t usually watch television while we are all up at school in Humboldt, one of the biggest roles social media has is news from the outside world.  Information that could range from back in my home town to around the world is now easily accessible at the click of a bottom on my phone from any location that is within network reach.  Other than the news, the number one role I use social media for, would be communicating with friends or for entertainment through Twitter or Instagram

In the Digital Nation video, one of the topics that was brought up were students who get distracted and use social media as a break from their homework assignment resulting in an essay without flow.  This was easily relatable to me for I always find taking mini breaks from homework and using my phone to procrastinate on assignments.  So I will have to agree with this segment in the video on how the connection we have with social media can be a negative influence on schooling when to comes to focusing on completing homework.

After reading Malcolm Gladwell’s article “Why the Revolution will not be Tweeeted” I was actually a bit confused on how the title linked back to the article, it could be because I didn’t read it thoroughly as I maybe should have.  It is amazing that the people united during the sit-in protests 60s without the tools we have today and it goes to show that it is definitely possible without Twitter.  It was proven again in the very end of the article where Gladwell mentions “Twitter had scant internal significance in Moldova, a country where very few Twitter accounts exist” that we do not need twitter to organize revolutions.  However, I still believe that “the new tools of social media have reinvented social activism” to the point that it can be easier to organize and communicate for protests since social media can make things happen almost as they are happening. 

Going back to the Digital Nation video, I would have to agree that computer use could be addicting but can also be educationally beneficial, as we saw in the Bronx, and can form meaningful friendships or relationships.  As an example of friendships via computer, one of the first things that come to mind are famous Youtubers Jenna Marbles and sWooZie.  Both Youtubers talk about their lives and advice that they have through their videos which are seen by thousands of people.  They are just a couple of Youtubers, who are able to go out to conventions with hundreds of other Youtubers who reach out to their fans inside and outside conventions.  Friendships are bound to form and always seen within the Youtubers and with their followers.  Although I’m not quite sure if I was able to relate the Youtubers to the Digital Nation video or explain my opinion very well, I still hold the belief that friendships can form through the internet. 

Jenna Marbles – Draw My Life

sWooZie – Draw My Life