Growing up through elementary, junior high, and even high school, I was sort of a bookworm.  Although by the time I had reached high school, I wasn’t really reading on my own anymore, I was reading what was assigned to us and I still enjoyed it for the most part.  In college however, I hardly ever read now and that including the assigned readings sometimes unfortunately.  That is probably because I do not make any time for reading books anymore or I just haven’t read anything that has really caught my interest. 

Even though I do not read books as much as I think I should today, I would say that books have had an impact on my life.  I don’t really know how much or how it had an impact other than doing what books should be doing to one who reads them.  Books can expand your imagination, knowledge, vocabulary and stimulate emotions as if your were watching a movie, TV show, or a video game storyline and I think its important for everyone to read books as they grow up.
As for the wider culture, it appears that “98 percent of the adult population” is considered literate.  Maybe this is not directly related to reading books but even so it is great news to hear that that much of our population (although it may not appear so sometimes in my opinion) is considered to be literate.

Personally, I would prefer a book in my hand rather than an e-book since I’m not to fond of reading things on the computer screen otherwise I would get distracted easy or just get tired of looking at a screen.  To my understanding, e-books is a popular trend and I was surprised to see that “e-books still represent a small percentage of the overall book market” and was found to be eight to ten percent of sales.  I was surprised because that percentage seems almost insignificant compared to how popular e-books have become was also one who believed the perception “that in a few years there will be no books printed on paper”.

Some Good News from the World of Book tells us that the books being sold were at a recent all-time high even through the recession.  In the end, its pretty awesome to see so many people who continue to read today after reading McSweeney’s article regardless of it being a book or e-book.