At first I had a bit of trouble decided on who was my favorite artist, album, or song because I just could not choose from the artists that stand out to me.  However, when my girlfriend had asked me if I could choose to go to only one of the concerts from the list of artists, the answer became clear: Scott Mescudi, also known as Kid Cudi.  Now after reading through our professors essay “Don’t Stop Believing” I had to revisit and listen much the music and ask myself if it is honest, independent, and productive.

When we look at Kid Cudi’s image that he creates with his music, it matches with the person he seems to be.  Unlike the early images that Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber had created for themselves which was not who they truly were.  Kid Cudi’s music has always reflected who we was since he first started creating his music which also shows how independent he is.

I believe Kid Cudi’s song ‘Man on the Moon’ expresses his independence with the line “I’ma do what I do, so do you”.  In the beginning of the song he says he does not care what other people think about him and later on hints at his music independence by answering the question why does his music sound so different with a simple ‘why not’.  These lines show us that he produces and sings his songs without very much, if any, outside influences leading me to believe he is an independent artist.

However, I do not think his music can be very productive since it does not influence society in a positive or negative fashion.  Kid Cudi simply does not produce music directed toward society as a whole.  The music he releases has more of an energetic and chill vibe for listeners to enjoy and have fun in their ‘Pursuit of Happiness’.