Act One

To my understanding from some of the points that were made on “This American Life”, the radio started off small.  Such as a few teenagers who broadcasted because they loved “finding unknown songs, putting them on the air, watching them become hits; the satisfaction of watching the science of radio marketing actually work…and the moment they get there numbers”.  So to me it seems that broadcasting on the radio was just something fun to do and it became addicting because you can see your numbers fluctuate and how the station influenced the popularity of music.  More and more people began to use the radio and listen to it so that is how the story of the radio began.

Act Two

The radio in my own life and experience only really had two functions: music and listen to sports as they happen if I am unable to watch it.  I never really used the radio to listen to the news or things that are happening around the world unless the station is on commercial or there is a talk show between the music that is being played.  But now that we can use aux cables to plug in our ipod or phones into the car, I hardly ever listen to the actually radio because I would rather listen to my own music without commercial break.

Act Three

The future of radio in society, as I see it, will always be in our society.  It is a reliable source of communication in the event that we can not communicate through the internet and our phones.  Radios may evolve in some way but they would probably still have the same concept of functioning.  As we see in the fictional apocalyptic world, ‘I Am Legend’, the main character Robert Neville broadcasts on an AM frequency to try to contact any survivors that are living nearby.  We see the same thing in the TV show The Walking Dead when Rick Grimes tries to communicate with anyone who is in the city of Atlanta.

Now I know these are pretty far fetched from actually happening, but in modern day we know the military still uses radios to communicate amongst themselves and in the events of a natural disaster, people turn to the radio for information.  So I believe the radio will be around for a long time in our future.