As a culture, I think its pretty difficult to set a bar on how far we will go to make profitable media.  I mean it is possible for the bar to go pretty low but as long as people are watching the television show, it does not really matter how low the bar gets as long as the station is profiting.  The only way for the people to not allow the show to profit with an already low-set bar, is to not show the show at all so that the station stops creating episodes.  However, that is almost impossible to do because we as humans still see it as entertainment and we’re probably going to watch it regardless no matter how bad it is.

As Token said in the South Park episode, “the bar is determined by society and its not something that can just be raised up”.  I’ll have to agreed with Token because as long as society is watching the shows, they are accepting it and the bar would not matter.  It would take a very long time for a standard bar to be set if a bar is set since it is determined by society and society is made up of thousands of individuals have all have different opinions. 

In the ‘Its Here to Stay’ article, the author states that “as long as audiences continue to tune in, networks will continue to offer reality television as entertainment” simple because it is “simple economics”.  I will also have to agree with because the audiences will allow networks to create more seasons since they are making money off the shows.  So in my eyes and realistically speaking without some kind of crazy show being made that is similar to The Hunger Games for example, the bar has no limit or the limit is very low, since it will be based off the acceptance of society and how big of an audience will sit through the show.