Frontline’s The Persuaders starts off with “every where we go, we are bombarded with advertising”, and I believe that is completely true.  In smaller towns and cities you may not see very much advertising but when you visit a big name city like Las Vegas, where there will be thousands of people, you will see advertising everywhere you can look.  From the on cars to billboard signs, advertising surrounds Las Vegas in order to inform everyone everything that is happening in the city. 

The Persuaders also mentioned the opportunities that marketers look for to advertise in Hollywood and used that example of Cast Away’s story with FedEx.  Personally, I think its really smart for brands to use movies to advertise in because it opens up the field of possible consumers.  The entire movie does not have to be based on a certain brand as we see in Cast Away for it to reach out to the audience.  It can be a short 10 second scene that shows the brand in some way and it will still have some what of an impact on the audience.  For example, one of the most common types of advertising we see in movies are for cars which are only involved in the movie for a short amount of time. 

We’ll never be able to escape the constant bombardment of advertising because it is essential for the companies to reach out to us so we can buy their products and in return the company will see success and thrive.