When I had first originally watched Super Size Me, I was disgusted and I told myself I would never eat fast food anymore; scratch that, I would never eat McDonald’s anymore.  As the years went by, I wasn’t as grossed out by McDonald’s anymore and I’ll consume if it I was with friends and they wanted to grab a quick meal.  Although I had previously watched Super Size Me and other short documentaries about the health hazards of fast food, I didn’t mind eating it at the time as long as I didn’t eat it very often.

The most recent documentary I have seen was Blackfish, which is about the captivity of the Orcas in SeaWorld and in particular the whale Tilikum.  Blackfish raised a ton of awareness concerning the ethics of having such massive animals in captivity but I haven’t seen any progression on releasing these animals into the wild.  Personally, I think their enclosures are way too small for these animals and I believe if we would like to see them, then we should try to view them in their natural habitat.  When asked the questions if Blackfish is honest, independent, or productive; I think it is the most honest of the three categories because there are many facts behind Blackfish and against SeaWorld.  I’m unsure about the films independency other than it was backed by Magnolia Pictures and CNN Films.  As for its productivity, I think it raised awareness about the inhumanity within SeaWorld but did not go farther than that to do anything for the whales.