Looking back, I can not remember what the last parody news report I had watched if I had even watched one previously. So I have very little experience, if any, with parody news such as the Stephen Colbert Report.

In my own opinion, I believe Colbert’s farm stunt was worthless in the end and just viewed as entertainment to laugh at a serious issue. It does bring recognition to the United Farm Workers and immigrant farm workers but the actual show does not do much for them beside mentioning that any American was invited to work with the farmers. Even then, only 16 Americans showed up to work.

If anything of Colbert’s report was of value, it was this testimony with United Farm Worker’s President Arturo Rodriguez before Congress where they were able to discuss the issue of immigration in the United States. Although Colbert played a persona, as usual, they were able to discuss the topic with people that can actually do something about the issue which was the most valuable part of his report.