I’ve played video games every since I owed my very own Nintendo 64 when I was around 7 or 8; but at the time the only games I really played was Mario Kart or I would watch my dad play 007: GoldenEye because it was too difficult for me to actually play from my lack of coordination with the controller.  Moving onto the next generation of consoles, or Nintendo’s GameCube, I would be too scared to play Resident Evil (which was about zombies) after, again, watching my dad play which was enough for me to enjoy so I would play games like Super Smash Bros: Melee.  I didn’t really start to play any first person shooters (or violent games) until the Halo series came out and even then I would mainly play the cooperative campaign with my dad since I needed help completing the game and it wasactually really fun to finish the game together. 

Following Halo, I went through the Call of Duty phase and would play online with my friends after practice and really got into gaming for quite a bit to the point where it was a daily activity.  Looking back, the main reason why I really played so much was because I was able to go online with friends on play on the same team against random opponents.  Without them, I definitely would not have played as much or taken it as seriously because we were playing to win instead of achieving individual rewards. 


I really enjoyed playing all of these games, and they were exciting to me in their own ways even if I was just watching it being played.  I can’t really relate to a time I have been bored with video games because by then I just wouldn’t play then.  I guess if there was a main reason why I would get bored of playing would be because the game became very repetitive and didn’t offer any variety as you progressed towards the end of the game. 

Nowadays, its been a while since I’ve touched the controller but when I do have the chance, I usually find myself playing and alternating between NCAA Football and Batman: Arkham City.  I played football in high school so the biggest reason why I play NCAA is because its a way for me to kind of escape reality and go back to playing a sport that I would probably never legitimately play again.  As for Arkham City, Batman is hands down my all-time favorite superhero so its just fun for me to play as Batman and explore his city while stopping crime. 


I think people play video games because its another outlet to our disposal to take a breather from life and relax just like some people watch TV/movies or read books.  I don’t believe video games is necessarily bad for you as some people believe unless it is negatively impacting your life just as an addiction would.