I’m the complete opposite of an artist and I have no artistic talent whats-so-ever compared to my sister who has tons of artistic talent.  But once in a while I like to think I take pretty okay picture so here are some pictures from some of my trips with my family.

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In Zion Canyon, Utah, hiking towards the Double Arch Alcove which was too massive and we were too close to actually be able to take a picture but its a pretty cool sight to see.  We were just hiking through the trail and I happened to look up and thought that we should take a picture from this angle because we probably won’t see it again.

Just before taking a dining cruise around Cabo San Jose as the sun was setting in the background.  It was just kind of a random picture to take of the scenery.

Flying over the clouds on our way to Cabo San Jose.  I’ve always thought what it would be like to be able to touch the clouds or fly over or in them but in an open pilot seat rather than behind the glass of a passenger seat.  I also liked the way the shadows looked on the clouds and how they went on into the horizon.

One more picture of Cabo San Jose at a beach.  It was hard to actually get a good sunset picture but this one is ok, just for the memories.

An alright picture from our very own Redwood Bowl at HSU. I liked the way the fog made the forest look eerie behind the goalpost.

Dusk picture at my families ranch in Mexico.  I thought the clouds looked really cool as they were coming through the mountains.

I have a much better picture of the Grand Canyon which I also actually have framed in my room cause I thought it was just a completely awesome picture that I’ll never be able to recreate but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.  The Grand Canyon is probably my most favorite trip because its incredibly beautiful where it almost appears to be unrealistically fake like a painting.  Hope you enjoyed some of these pictures!